Little India Cats TNRM Updates – 30 April 2010

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Dear all,

This is an urgent appeal to help us pump in funds to sterilise the cats at parts of Little India. These cats are all scrawny and hungry and they are multiplying unhealthily.

We did a rough check last night but we are unable to stop counting yet. One of the vendors at the food allies told us there are too many to even count them. They told me a female feeder in her 60s feed the cats there regularly with rice but she does not clear up after feeds. We need to locate this feeder asap. Anyone who knows her , pls let us know.

Mdm L,  has been trying in vain to keep the population of cats down at Little India. She alone, or even with the help of 1 or 2 volunteers, will not be able to fund this project. We have been tasked to help her with this area and we do need everyone’s help to fund the TNRM of Little India. She’s recently picked up 3 very ill kittens suffering from flu. 1 of them had died yesterday, and 1 of in the care of her friend. 1 tabby is now in critical condition at the clinic.

Currently, cats will be sent to Asia Veterinary Care Pte Ltd. Those who wish to help, you can:

1) Cross your cheque to Asia Veterinary Care Pte Ltd but mail it to Blk 182, Stirling Road, #05-226, S(140182) for our recording purposes. 

2) Make a contribution via bank transfer: POSB Savings: 056-46768-8
Please remember to email us your name, transfer time and date for our checking.

Kindly email us at for further queries.


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Sunday Times 17 Jan: Town council acts on cat abuse case

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Ryuu’s Medical Report

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Ryuu, the TBC abused cat is on his FEET!!

13 Jan 2010

Despite given the verdict of PTS by the vet, Ryuu is telling us he wants to live on. We hope to start raising funds for some accupuncture sessions! We will update as soon as we get the medical report and initial receipts from the clinic!

Here’s a description of what our volunteer says:

Ryuu is on a slow and painful road to recovery. At first it was deemed doomed by the vet and suggest that it put to sleep as it’s condition is terrible. It’s back spine was broken and has to drag itself around as its hind legs aren’t functional. But miraculously, this strong willed little one gets back to its feet again with a limp. It’s hind legs are still very weak, and it can’t even scratch itch as seen in the video. It’s breathing is heavy as we suspect it is due to the extra effort to move around. We appeal to kind souls out there to lend a hand to help this little fighter to have a speedy recovery as he will need more expensive treatments to recover

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TBC abused cat updates

Town Council officer called and asked for detailed story. He was initially unhappy that the police report was made before informing them. I explained that animal abuse is a crime and has to go straight to the police. The contractors did not mention to them that this happened, despite the witness telling the supervisor that she will make a complaint.

TC officer promised that actions will be taken against their contractors and even suggested that we send him the medical bill and police report. SPCA is following up with the police on this case.

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Abused Cat at TBC

Ryuu, the abused at at TBC blk 18 is now under the care of a fosterer. His pee and poo needs daily manual extraction. Despite the trauma, he remains trusting towards humans. He purred when I stretched my arm in to stroke him. He nudged me affectionately. It’s so sad that bullies like the abuser took him as a punching bag…

The abuser has been identified as the cleaner at Block 18 and the police report has been filed. Meanwhile,  awaiting for the Town Council to revert on what actions they will be taking.

The MP is aware and we hope this time. they will not disappoint us…

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