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Seeking Medical Funds for Cat with Ripped Face from Carmen Street

22 July: We recieved a call from a resident who sighted  a cat with part of his face ripped off at Opera Estate – Carmen Street area. When we arrived at Carmen Street and meet up with our hired trapper Damy to trap this cat (let’s name him Mafia) we noticed that Mafia has a piece of flesh dangling from his face. He was grouchy and fierce, obviously, from the unimaginable pain. No one knows what had happened. It could be from cat fight , or from some freak accident.

After much patience, Damy managed to trap him with a net under a truck, and he was sent to the Pet Clinic.

Mafia was hospitalised for 11 days and needed to be sedated to get his wound thoroughly cleaned. He was also sterilised at the same time. MAfia hated being caged and had been very grouchy. His wound had since dried up thanks to the team at Pet Clinic.

3rd August: we discharged him and released him back at Carmen Street. May he stay away from dangers.

The medical fee is $493.00.


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Hope’s funds for other cats

Sorry for the late update guys.

Hope’s remaining funds have gone to:

Orange (Ivan’s case) $200

Hong San (Mettacat’s case) $200
Prollie (mdm Law’s case) $773

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Urgent Appeal: Does Hope deserve all these???

28 Jan

Please see below Hope’s bill. We need to block the individual price of the the medical items due to the clinic’s confidentiality. 

We would also like to propose that remaining funds be contributed to the other cats’  medical bills in Hope’s name, and also in sterilisation of the stray cats. We will post up details on whichever case we utilise Hope’s funds on. I am sure Hope will be glad that she is able to help her fellow feline friends in need. Many thanks!

Jireh Receipt

27 Jan

Dear all,

Hope lost the battle against the nasty blood parasites that overwhelmed her system this morning despite one successful round of blood transfusion.

We were all rooting for her , waiting anxiously for her to get better for the surgery. We were all hoping that the parasites could be gotten rid of. She fought well in this battle, but she finally decided she’s too tired.

Hope has crossed the rainbow bridge. And that is not without telling us that despite the evil deeds humans had done to her, she is still forgiving and trusting towards us who were there with her. Hope had shown us affections despite the pain she is in.

We would like to especially thank Ms Tanya, who had not only given Hope so much assurance and love, but has also requested to keep her ashes. Hope has finally found her adopter. We are sure she knows how much she meant to everyone especially Tanya.

Thanks to all Hope’s supporters for the encouragement and contributions towards her medical bills. We will be posting up the receipts and contacting contributors soonest.

27 Jan

Its a Thursday today and exactly 1 week since we brought Hope to Jireh. On top of another week she was missing after the abuse as she was hiding in a drain, which makes it exactly 2 weeks – Hope is our heroine, a brave fighter in all our hearts.

At 6pm, she has finish her 3rd and final round of her 1st bag of blood transfuse in the past 3 days. Careful amounts are monitored to ensure Hope’s body is not rejecting the match blood and we are happy to know that all’s well for her.Thank you to the kind feline donor whom the donor’s owner wish to remain anonymous. Hope is grateful to the kind furry donor and owner 🙂

Hope is on 24 hr drip so her vet keeps a diaper on for her to manage her pee as she is stilll unable to walk to her litter trap. Also keeping her dry makes her feel fresher and prevents further skin rash on her damp skin.

Hope’s right bad ruptured eye, infection is clearing from eye drops and she’s often given dry and wet shower and lots of warm sun bathing to keep her feeling comfortable.

She was feeling a little tired as she was being moved around for transfusion and clean up. But today, she is much much more vocal, occasionally meowing when she’s being moved, which is very encouraging as she was very quiet for the past 3 days.

Though Hope looks very frail and weak on the surface, she can actually respond to us when we speak into her ear. Her open jaw is always supported by a dry towel to absorb excess food and saliva. Medication for her tongue ulcers are given to her daily.

For today, to summarise, Hope is not rejecting her new blood, more vocal, she could even stand up from her tray, walk away and stay in 1 corner of her room when we were all talking to her. 😀 Probably she finds our voices irritating as she needs to nap ;D Anyhow, small movements such as these are good signs to us, at least we know Hope is responsive and picking up slowly. Tomorrow, Jireh will run a blood test on her red blood to check if her blood parasites are decreasing as she is given medication through drip to eliminate the nasty parasites. Good Nite Hope! See ya tomorrow

Here’s a short clip of Hope trying to move around. 
26 Jan

Updates from Hope’s vet that her red blood cells are dipping very low which is the cause of her infection. Her infection is due to a blood disorder call mycoplasmosis. Under microscope viewed by me, practically almost every red blood cell has a parasite. This cause a drop in her red blood count which is hitting a danger level. Blood transfusion needs to be done immediately today.

Before Hope’s transfusion, detailed blood matching of the other cat donor’s and Hope has to be 100% compatible. A trial blood transfusion of a minimal amount is transfuse into Hope to note of any significant negative rejection from Hope’s system in the next 30 mins before the actual transfusion is started. We prayed and hope that we do not see her in fits or vomiting due to the rejection.

A hour and a half has pass and Hope is on her way to her 3rd dose of blood and doing good! 😀 Tanya, a lady who has been following Hope’s progress dropped by with us to give her prayers and support for Hope.

Hope’s body temperature has risen up alittle which is very encouraging! This shows that she is so far receiving the new blood well and her body temperature is going up to the normal scale.

22 Jan

2nd day of visit to Jireh to see Hope. Hope is given careful doses of antibiotics to bring down her complex internal infection. This is the 1st step to the many treatments the vet has plan for her before Hope is fit and ready for her jaw operation.

Hope is feeling dopey and weak as the antibiotics are fighting with the bad germs in her body. Her appetite is still constantly good with assisted feeding from the nurses.

Hope’s still able to pee with a little constipation but have managed to expel her poo through some help of her vet 😉

I do see the fighting spirit through Hope’s eye, the determine perseverance in her. Many staffs of Jireh together with all of us who are so bonded to Hope with her story gave Hope the every reason to fight on despite her multiple complications.

21 Jan

The good people at Jireh Veterinary Clinic delivered some happy news. Hope had attempted to eat despite not being able to chew her food.  She tried to lap up her food and even shown loads of affections.Dr Tham said that she needs to be fitter in order for them to perform a surgery to fix her jaw, which involves inserting a metal piece to secure her broken jaw. The surgery and hospitalisation is estimated to be over $2000. Meanwhile, Hope stays in Jireh Veterinary Clinic to receive medical attention until she is fit enough for the surgery.Please click to see video: of Hope: Good appetitePlease help Mr Lim with the medical fees. A little goes a long way for these poor furry homeless animals on the streets.If you are keen to contribute, you can1) Cross your cheque to Jireh Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd and mail it to Mike/Aiwei for recording purpose. (pls email us at so that we can email you the mailing address)2) Make a transfer to POSB Savings 093-61193-4
Please drop us an email so that we can check and record.Thank you in advance.

20 Jan

On 20th Jan, a badly injured cat was found in Geylang Lor 7. No one could bear to take a second look at this scrawny petite female cat because it was a very unpleasant sight. No one can imagine what had actually happened to this cat, now named Hope.

Hope, was sighted by Mr Lim at Geylang Lor 7, with a dislocated lower jaw. She cannot close her mouth. Her badly inflamed tongue was hanging out, possibly for days. Her right eye was infected and she could not open her eye. She was filthy and stinking from pus and dried blood. Mr Lim then seeked help from Mike and Aiwei, who rushed Hope to Jireh Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd.

According to the vet, chances are that Hope was abused. Her jaw was dislocated and fractured, and her right eyeball was ruptured. There was a huge bruise on her head. She must have been kicked in her face several times with great impact.

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Urgent Appeal: Caregiver died from stroke. Homeless cats & dogs need urgent fostering and boarding funds

For those who do not already knew Mdm Truong, she is a patient and kind elderly lady who had helped many caregivers with fostering of their cats & dogs.

She has been a caregiver for many years and had helped to sterilize the strays and also foster many cats which needed special care. She dedicated most of her time in looking after the animals and had been great help to many other caregivers who seeked her help.

It was unfortunate that Mdm Truong had passed away suddenly on Monday morning, 12 July 2010 due to stroke. Some animal lovers have come together this morning, 13 July 2010 to help clean up her place, helped to feed the animals and are trying to relocate them. We need to relocate all the cats to a shelter as her elderly husband cannot take care of all the animals due to health reasons.

We would like to appeal for immediate funds to cover the cost of boarding at the shelter, and also some of the cats which needed to be sterilise. As of now, 53 cats needed to go to a shelter while 13 cats need to be sent to the vet for sterilization in these 2 days.

A kind lady has offered her help to foster 12 kittens and try to rehomes them. Another kind lady has also offered help to foster 4 dogs for a few days. As she has several dogs at home, she will be not able to foster them for too long. We are urgently looking for fosterers for the 4 dogs while we try to rehome the younger ones.

Approximate Cost:

Cost of Shelter: $1,400/month
(1 kind lady has contributed $1,000 so that we can send the cats to the shelter today. We’re still short of $1,800 for deposit.)
Sterilization of 13 cats: $900 (10 female + 3 males. Assuming all the 10 female cats are pregnant)

We’d like to thank the fosterers, contributors and volunteers who helped to clean up the place early this morning, and also the transporter who helped to catch & relocate the animals to the shelter given such short notice.

We need your urgent help to give these animals another chance of survival. Please contact us if you are able to help with any the following:

  1. Fostering and/or rehoming of dogs
  2. Contributions of sterilisation funds for 13 cats.
  3. Contributions of monthly boarding funds for cats at the shelter.
  4. Volunteers to do regular checks on the cats at the shelter.


 Thanks in advance!

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Pawpledge booth @ EaglePro-Spore Cat Club Championship Cat Show

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Little India Cats TNRM Updates – 30 April 2010

Little India Project Contributors

Little India TNRM Records

Little India Funds Update


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Dear all,

This is an urgent appeal to help us pump in funds to sterilise the cats at parts of Little India. These cats are all scrawny and hungry and they are multiplying unhealthily.

We did a rough check last night but we are unable to stop counting yet. One of the vendors at the food allies told us there are too many to even count them. They told me a female feeder in her 60s feed the cats there regularly with rice but she does not clear up after feeds. We need to locate this feeder asap. Anyone who knows her , pls let us know.

Mdm L,  has been trying in vain to keep the population of cats down at Little India. She alone, or even with the help of 1 or 2 volunteers, will not be able to fund this project. We have been tasked to help her with this area and we do need everyone’s help to fund the TNRM of Little India. She’s recently picked up 3 very ill kittens suffering from flu. 1 of them had died yesterday, and 1 of in the care of her friend. 1 tabby is now in critical condition at the clinic.

Currently, cats will be sent to Asia Veterinary Care Pte Ltd. Those who wish to help, you can:

1) Cross your cheque to Asia Veterinary Care Pte Ltd but mail it to Blk 182, Stirling Road, #05-226, S(140182) for our recording purposes. 

2) Make a contribution via bank transfer: POSB Savings: 056-46768-8
Please remember to email us your name, transfer time and date for our checking.

Kindly email us at for further queries.


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