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Fund-Raiser Booth @ China Square Flea Market–18 Dec, Sun.

Dear animal lovers,
We are selling brand new stuff as well as pre-loved goodies , collectables and accessories to raise some funds for the orphan cats at Kittycare Haven shelter. Remember the kind caregiver Mdm Truong who passed on last year from stroke? What Happened?

Her cats are now residing at a shelter named Kittercare Haven. Meanwhile, volunteers are trying hard to raise funds for these orphan cats’ boarding fees. See efforts

Do drop by at China Square’s Flea Market this Sunday. Our booth is next to the escalator on level 1. Help us help the cats!


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Abused Boy Boy from Tpy North

Boy Boy, Toa Payoh North resident cat, had his leg fractured by abusers 2 weeks ago. He was seen having his leg tied up and flung around. There were passer bys, but non stopped by to restrain the abusers. 

Boy Boy was released later from the ropes but was left to suffer in silence in the bushes. He is still trusting and affectionate, despite what the humans did to him.

He’s currently been taken to the James Tan Veterinary Clinic for medical treatment and will go to a foster home to await adoption. Tho’ he may have to live with a limp, Boy Boy makes an ideal pet due to his very affectionate personality. 

Sincere adopters, kindly contact us at

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Appealling for help for Mdm Teo (Joo Chiat Auntie)

Mdm Teo was forced to move from her usual Joo chiat shophouse as the landlord had sold it off and gave her very little time to find a place which can keep her dogs and cats. Previously, she had to struggle with her $1000 rental at the Joo Chiat Shophouse which was almost burnt down when the aircon shop below caught fire. This tragedy killed several of her cats and a dog. 

Recently, she had finally found a new place at Tembeling Rd, and had just moved in. The rental is $1700.

Mdm Teo has lost alot of weight, and as she continues her care for the animals despite the stress she is facing, we are very concerned that she may be ill. Her sudden loss of weight and constant ringing in the ear makes us worried. However, she remains calm and claimed that she was over stressed from the string of bad events that had occurred. 

Mdm Teo is currently getting a little help from a friend but the rental is simply too much to afford. She is hoping to rent out  a room to help lighten her burden. So please spread the word if anyone wants to rent a room. 

We are trying to rehome some of Mdm Teo’s rescued cats as she can have more time to look after her own health. She will need any form of financial help.

For those of you who may know her, you may want to contact her directly to help chip in to lighten her burden. 

For those who wish to help her through us, you can :

1) transfer your contributions to us at POSB Savings 073-26123-6 and we will arrange to hand it to her. Please send us an email to indicate date of transfer

2) sponsor cat food (email to us)

3) help clean up her cats n clip their nails (experienced volunteers only. Email us to arrange)

Any queries, pls drop us an email at


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Closing the Chapter on the Toa Payoh Case

Reference link to the Toa Payoh Case :

We’ve raised more than enough funds to sterilise as many cats as we could at Shireen’s flat.  There were a few sad stories of kittens who have crossed over because they were too sick.  But there were also happy adoption stories, like the Ginger kitten who lost one eye…a kind smaritan friend took her in (thanks Shiqin!).

There are only a few cats still not yet sterilised as they are too young but the few volunteers who are still helping out will keep an eye on them and take care of the fundraising for sterilisations later on if they can’t manage.

Here is a summary of the accounts:

Funds raised by Paw Pledge : $1,859.28

Total spend on sterilisations and medical : $1,039.00

Balance left over: $820.28

Details of accounts below, receipts available on request.  So, what are we doing with the balance?  Well, we have consulted the donors and all agreed that we can channel this money to save Bukit Batok Cats. 

In case you haven’t followed the Community Cat Network  (CCN) news (ok, no such channel, I made it up), but seriously, here’s what is happening in Bukit Batok c/o Hong Kar Town Council…

“Please speak up against the culling of cats in the Hong Kah constituency” –

Shocking reply from Ms Christina Goh, GM of Hong Kah TC” –

So, the 4 of us went down to the aforementioned area to check out the situation…Hell Broke Loose!  It was Out of Control!!!  Off the bet we counted 11 unsterilised strays in a span of 2 blocks.  Witnessed 3 caterwauling cats and territorial male studs chasing caterwauling female cats up the trees, and cats sitting on cars!!!  Not wonder it’s a Complaint Zone.  Not forgetting that some joker using different nicknames is relentlessly voicing his complaints of these cats on STOMP.

We need to do something on the ground while negotiations with Town Council is underway by CWS West-Side Representative.

We estimate the fund balance from Toa Payoh will cover the sterilisation costs of cats within these 3 blocks radius, but there are much more…the complaint area is pretty wide.  If you’re able to PLEDGE to the sterilisations of any strays, please sponsor today.  We’ll keep you posted on the sterilisation activities on the ground as well as post up the accounts once the fund is depleted.

…From the desk of LL….

Project TPY 103        
       Running Balance         
Date  IN   OUT   Balance   Paid to   Initials  Settled Description
13-Jul  $     89.88  $       –    $               89.88    PJ  Yes 2 sterilisations DBS Cheque # 3-300285-7171-082-0821498306
14-Jul  $          –    $  87.85  $                 2.03  Vet-JT    Yes Mario brought in 4 kittens
12-Jul  $   150.00    $              152.03    JJ  Yes POSB Cheque # 3-463878-7171-189-807220179
   $     50.00  $       –    $              202.03    TY  Yes UOB Cheque # 4-039935-7375-020-3413016760
15-Jul  $          –    $177.60  $               24.43  Vet-JT    Yes Sterilisation 4 DSH (2M2F) (S/O 7278)
13-Jul  $   180.00  $       –    $              204.43    HHM  Yes POSB Cheque # 9-602533-7171178781255408
17-Jul  $     60.00  $       –    $              264.43    LYP  Yes POSB Cheque # 4-533560-7171-244-895086690
20-Jul  $          –    $254.65  $                 9.78  Vet-Jt    Yes Sterilisation 3 DSH and Grey’s medical (S/O 7277)
13-Jul  $   120.00    $              129.78    GS  Yes UOB Cheque # 5-610644-7375-036-3643013310
27-Jul  $   100.00  $       –    $              229.78    AK  Yes UOB Cheque # 2-973452-7375-001-1013278062
8-Jul  $          –    $144.45  $               85.33  Vet-JT    Yes White cat with infected eyes and abdominal hernia
23-Jul  $          –    $  16.05  $               69.28  Vet-JT    Yes Jaime bought deworm syrup for all kittens (S/O 7266)
14-Aug  $          –    $  42.80  $               26.48  Vet-JT    Yes Consultation and medical for 3 DSH (S/O 7276)
23-Jul  $     60.00  $       –    $               86.48    JN  Yes SC Cheque # 7-645529-7144-012-1208349462-11
15-Aug  $          –    $  77.60  $                 8.88  Vet-JT    Yes Mario brought in B/W DSH kitten Female.  Kitten died
17-Aug  $   100.00    $              108.88    GN  Yes Cheque citibank 6-000204-7214-021-011715006
16-Jul  $   100.00  $       –    $              208.88    MY  Yes HSBC Premier Cheque # 8-447523-7232-152-318838-496
25-Aug  $          –    $168.00  $               40.88  Vet-JT    Yes Sterilization 4 M 1 F (S/O 7284)
Funds left over from TPY to be transferred to BB
Date  IN   OUT   Balance   Paid to   Initials  Received Description
25-Aug  $     40.88  $       –    $               40.88       Balance leftover from TPY
14-Aug  $   300.00  $       –    $              340.88  Funds  CN  Yes ATM Transfer
29-Jul  $   100.00  $       –    $              440.88  Funds  WM  Yes By Cash – transferred via Fiona
2-Sep  $          –    $  70.00  $              370.88     Yes TPY trapping paid by Lynn for final 4 M 1 F
12-Jul  $   449.40  $       –    $              820.28    TKY    10 females, 10 males 97704957 POSB Cheque # 0-749862-7171-198-818216335
       Cash Availble for BB – $370.88         
       Cheque – $449.40         

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The long-awaited NEW canvas bags designed by Florence Chai, are finally HERE!!! This time round, we have them in black!

We will be launching this limited edition at our very own My Cat is Cuter than Your Cat event at The Garden Slug on 29 Aug! For those of you who are interested in attending our buffet lunch event but have not signed up yet, please do so NOW! We have limited seats! Please email us at

Event details:

Apart from the canvas bags designs, we will also be selling some of our very own Pawpledge keychains and notepads, both designs contributed by Ivy Li!

Adoption Saves Lives Canvas Bag @ Only $18!

Pawpledge Keychains – double sided design @ only $5!

Pawpledge Notepads @ $ 3!






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Sometimes we use the term Hoarder very loosely but in this case, I stand firm on calling this family in the Malay Village “Hoarders”. Despite our efforts in sterilising and paying for the medical bills of their cats, they still neglected the health of the cats and throw them out onto the streets when they feel the cats are going to die.

Look what happened to this kitten despite us providing them with eye wash and medicine in the initial stages of flu? They allowed the condition to get this bad, now the kitten has lost an eye.

Despite being in so much pain, the kitten has such a good temperament. He was obedient, didn’t scratch and didn’t stress when we brought him to the vet.

Another unfortunate victim of the same Hoarder family is this diarrhea kitten being thrown out of their house. Was it because he was making smelly poop? They didn’t bother to medicate the kitten but just left it to fend for itself on the streets. The poor kitten was dehydrated and the legs were soiled with watery and smelly poo when we spotted him.

We hearby would like to appeal for fosters for these kittens when they can be discharged from the vet. The one-eyed kitten can be discharged any day now as the surgery to seal up one eye was a success. The diarrhea kitten is also starting to form more solid stools.

If you are able to foster, please kindly contact us at We will cover the food and supplies of these kittens until we can find good adopters for them or when they are old enough to be sterilised and put back on the streets. Going back to the Hoarder’s house is not an option.

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Suffering in Silence…

Wawa's mangled tongueWawa was a pretty tri-color calico who was a community cat regularly fed by an elderly taxi driver.  She has apparently been sick for a while but no one knew.  Last week, caregivers in the area called taxi uncle at 6 am in the morning and asked him to send Wawa to the vet because she was breathless and panting under a car.  She was put on oxygen at the vet.  Blood tests and x-rays were ran to determine the root cause.  Blood tests indicated FIV+, X-rays showed an enlarged heart, and there were sounds of fluid in the lungs. 

The next few days was a strange ordeal of her health bouncing between stability and near-death.  A couple of doctors got together to discuss the results but were puzzled.  Her condition could be a multitude of different ailments.  In her final 2 days, she turned strangely violent and insane.  She bit a nurse and her tooth dropped out.  She started chewing her tongue, reducing it to a mangled mess.  She was truly suffering!  5 nurses tried to stop her from chewing her tongue.  She even used her paw to scratch out shreds of her tongue.

The taxi driver caregiver went down to assess the situation and couldn’t bear the sight of her suffering anymore.  He made the tough decision of putting her down.  Poor Wawa….I pray that she’s free from pain and suffering now 😦

The doctor is so nice as to offer to do a post-mortem at no cost.  We’re awaiting the post-mortem results.  Attached is a picture of Wawa’s tongue. 😦

The bill is not cheap because Wawa has to be on daily oxygen.  Please kindly help out the taxi uncle with this if it’s within your means to do so.  He feeds and rescues alot of strays, responsibly sterilises the strays in his area and keep his feeding area clean.  Please do help him out.  The bill is attached, the total is $839.95.  If you are keen  in helping, please contact us at

Wawa Bill

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