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Fund-Raiser Booth @ China Square Flea Market–18 Dec, Sun.

Dear animal lovers,
We are selling brand new stuff as well as pre-loved goodies , collectables and accessories to raise some funds for the orphan cats at Kittycare Haven shelter. Remember the kind caregiver Mdm Truong who passed on last year from stroke? What Happened?

Her cats are now residing at a shelter named Kittercare Haven. Meanwhile, volunteers are trying hard to raise funds for these orphan cats’ boarding fees. See efforts

Do drop by at China Square’s Flea Market this Sunday. Our booth is next to the escalator on level 1. Help us help the cats!


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Appealling for help for Mdm Teo (Joo Chiat Auntie)

Mdm Teo was forced to move from her usual Joo chiat shophouse as the landlord had sold it off and gave her very little time to find a place which can keep her dogs and cats. Previously, she had to struggle with her $1000 rental at the Joo Chiat Shophouse which was almost burnt down when the aircon shop below caught fire. This tragedy killed several of her cats and a dog. 

Recently, she had finally found a new place at Tembeling Rd, and had just moved in. The rental is $1700.

Mdm Teo has lost alot of weight, and as she continues her care for the animals despite the stress she is facing, we are very concerned that she may be ill. Her sudden loss of weight and constant ringing in the ear makes us worried. However, she remains calm and claimed that she was over stressed from the string of bad events that had occurred. 

Mdm Teo is currently getting a little help from a friend but the rental is simply too much to afford. She is hoping to rent out  a room to help lighten her burden. So please spread the word if anyone wants to rent a room. 

We are trying to rehome some of Mdm Teo’s rescued cats as she can have more time to look after her own health. She will need any form of financial help.

For those of you who may know her, you may want to contact her directly to help chip in to lighten her burden. 

For those who wish to help her through us, you can :

1) transfer your contributions to us at POSB Savings 073-26123-6 and we will arrange to hand it to her. Please send us an email to indicate date of transfer

2) sponsor cat food (email to us)

3) help clean up her cats n clip their nails (experienced volunteers only. Email us to arrange)

Any queries, pls drop us an email at


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Wang Wang’s suffering

Poor Wang Wang…


On 1 Sep, we were informed by his foster to remove Wang from his premises, because his recent weeks of whining, cries and barking has become a nuisance… He sounded very angry indeed. 

On 2nd Sep, Wang was evacuated and sent to the vet because he had nowhere else to go. We had him reviewed at the same time. To our dismay, wang was not walking properly. He was unable to balance himself and appeared very anxious. 

Within 2 hours, Wang could not even stand on his fours. He was crying in pain. Xrays revealed that his colon was stuffed with poo…loads of poo…

The vet immediately tried to induce his pooing by syringing soapy water… To our relieve, we managed to make him move his bowels. He was sooo exhausted…he laid motionless for quite sometime…Poor doggie!

2nd Sept, he managed to get up on fours and we hope he’s on his road to recovery. 

If only he can talk, then he would tell the fosterer that he was crying in pain, and not trying to be a nuisance…

Read Wang’s history:

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The long-awaited NEW canvas bags designed by Florence Chai, are finally HERE!!! This time round, we have them in black!

We will be launching this limited edition at our very own My Cat is Cuter than Your Cat event at The Garden Slug on 29 Aug! For those of you who are interested in attending our buffet lunch event but have not signed up yet, please do so NOW! We have limited seats! Please email us at

Event details:

Apart from the canvas bags designs, we will also be selling some of our very own Pawpledge keychains and notepads, both designs contributed by Ivy Li!

Adoption Saves Lives Canvas Bag @ Only $18!

Pawpledge Keychains – double sided design @ only $5!

Pawpledge Notepads @ $ 3!






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Sometimes we use the term Hoarder very loosely but in this case, I stand firm on calling this family in the Malay Village “Hoarders”. Despite our efforts in sterilising and paying for the medical bills of their cats, they still neglected the health of the cats and throw them out onto the streets when they feel the cats are going to die.

Look what happened to this kitten despite us providing them with eye wash and medicine in the initial stages of flu? They allowed the condition to get this bad, now the kitten has lost an eye.

Despite being in so much pain, the kitten has such a good temperament. He was obedient, didn’t scratch and didn’t stress when we brought him to the vet.

Another unfortunate victim of the same Hoarder family is this diarrhea kitten being thrown out of their house. Was it because he was making smelly poop? They didn’t bother to medicate the kitten but just left it to fend for itself on the streets. The poor kitten was dehydrated and the legs were soiled with watery and smelly poo when we spotted him.

We hearby would like to appeal for fosters for these kittens when they can be discharged from the vet. The one-eyed kitten can be discharged any day now as the surgery to seal up one eye was a success. The diarrhea kitten is also starting to form more solid stools.

If you are able to foster, please kindly contact us at We will cover the food and supplies of these kittens until we can find good adopters for them or when they are old enough to be sterilised and put back on the streets. Going back to the Hoarder’s house is not an option.

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Yummy PAWPLEDGE Mini Muffins for charity!

Don’t miss the chance to lay your hands on the Yummy PAWPLEDGE Mini Muffins!

Grab them at The LPN Cats Day event this weekend 13-14 June @ Suntec!

Venue: Suntec City Mall, Level 3, 
Happy Kidz level, Front & Back Atrium (Near Toys R Us)
Date: 13/14 June 09, 12-6pm


PS: These lovely muffins are sponsored by Sophia from The Garden Slug! (

Sophia is the proud adopter of PANCAKE the cat! 





















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An Urgent Appeal for an Elderly Caregiver

An Urgent Appeal for Help?

Aunty's sick catIn my recent visits to a cat farm managed by an elderly caregiver, I must say I can see that this Aunty is genuinely committed, not greedy over money and seriously truthfully broke.  She didn’t even have the means to take the sick animals to the vet.  I saw this really sick and skinny kitten last Sunday.  Though sick, it still tried to crawl close to me.  The next day, a guilt-strickened me called Aunty and begged her to bring the kitten to the vet.  I told her I’ll pay for the transport and vet bills out of my own pocket.  In the evening, she called me to say that by the time transport arrived, the kitten has passed on 😦  There are 5 or 6 other kittens in such a state at the farm.  I really wish we can all pool in our funds to help her get through this challenge…just the challenge of putting a roof over the cats so they don’t all have to be put down.

Before I see another cat suffer and die because of lack of medical attention, I want to appeal for funds to help this poor cat in Aunty’s care.  I don’t know what happened to him but from my conversation with Aunty, it seems that he had such a horrible flu or inflammation such that his entire face is swollen.  There’s an ugly lesion in the center of his face and it’s distorting his left eye and the entire left side of his face.  Vet said that he has to undergo surgery.  Aunty doesn’t even have enough money to cover rental and transport to the vet.  She will have trouble paying for this cat’s medical bill.  Please help out generously.  If you would like to help, please contact  Or you can transfer your funds and email the transaction reference number and amount to us.  We will administer the funds and post up the receipts on our website:

Bank Transfer Details: DBS Savings Plus 052-2-017750 (Please remember to email us if you donated so that we can account for all donations.)

A Caring and Committed Caregiver:

We’ve committed to help out this elderly caregiver who houses 80+ cats in a cat farm. Aunty M, let’s just call her ‘Aunty’, wakes up at the crack of dawn daily to do her rounds feeding cats in the North part of the island.  Around noon, she rushes down to the farm located at the far eastern side of the island.  The journey which includes changing of buses usually takes more than 1 hour, not to mention that she has to lug bags of heavy home-cooked food for the cats.

When she gets to the farm, she feeds them, spends hours cleaning up the farm, and medicating sick cats.  With so many cats in the farm, it’s amazing that she can spot cats that are not eating.  She’ll quickly quarantine them and force feed them.  If they still refuse to eat, she’ll put them on an IV drip.  By evening, she rushes off again on her feeding rounds in the East.  It’s a common sight to see Aunty’s petite and thin frame trudging down Katong, with heavy bags of cat food, feeding the community cats there.  After her feeding rounds on the east side, she takes the bus back up North where she feeds her neighborhood cats.  Such is the daily routine of this elderly lady.

Big Bully:

I came to know that this elderly lady was bullied by a money-minded landlord with absolutely no compassion for animals.  He is the owner of the farm and threatens to put down her cats if she does not pay rent on time.

Previously, it was suspected that he has opened up the farm door to let some of the cats run out.  Unfortunately, Aunty has no proof.  Who else other than Aunty and the landlord has the key?  Some cats went missing, some went hiding in the drain and it was storming!  Aunty found a couple of them cowering in the drain and she climbed into the drain to rescue them.  Some have died as a result of flu.

Now, someone came along and offered the Landlord more money than what Aunty is paying and he’s evicting her with immediate effect.  Of course he doesn’t give a damn about how she’s going to find a new place in such short notice for the 80+ cats.  She begged for 2 more weeks and he has demanded her to pay $2000.  Aunty has borrowed the money from her sis to cover the rental.

If you would like to help Aunty out, please speak to us:

Aunty’s cats for adoption will be posted on:

Aunty M’s Cats

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