Urgent Appeal: Caregiver died from stroke. Homeless cats & dogs need urgent fostering and boarding funds

For those who do not already knew Mdm Truong, she is a patient and kind elderly lady who had helped many caregivers with fostering of their cats & dogs.

She has been a caregiver for many years and had helped to sterilize the strays and also foster many cats which needed special care. She dedicated most of her time in looking after the animals and had been great help to many other caregivers who seeked her help.

It was unfortunate that Mdm Truong had passed away suddenly on Monday morning, 12 July 2010 due to stroke. Some animal lovers have come together this morning, 13 July 2010 to help clean up her place, helped to feed the animals and are trying to relocate them. We need to relocate all the cats to a shelter as her elderly husband cannot take care of all the animals due to health reasons.

We would like to appeal for immediate funds to cover the cost of boarding at the shelter, and also some of the cats which needed to be sterilise. As of now, 53 cats needed to go to a shelter while 13 cats need to be sent to the vet for sterilization in these 2 days.

A kind lady has offered her help to foster 12 kittens and try to rehomes them. Another kind lady has also offered help to foster 4 dogs for a few days. As she has several dogs at home, she will be not able to foster them for too long. We are urgently looking for fosterers for the 4 dogs while we try to rehome the younger ones.

Approximate Cost:

Cost of Shelter: $1,400/month
(1 kind lady has contributed $1,000 so that we can send the cats to the shelter today. We’re still short of $1,800 for deposit.)
Sterilization of 13 cats: $900 (10 female + 3 males. Assuming all the 10 female cats are pregnant)

We’d like to thank the fosterers, contributors and volunteers who helped to clean up the place early this morning, and also the transporter who helped to catch & relocate the animals to the shelter given such short notice.

We need your urgent help to give these animals another chance of survival. Please contact us if you are able to help with any the following:

  1. Fostering and/or rehoming of dogs
  2. Contributions of sterilisation funds for 13 cats.
  3. Contributions of monthly boarding funds for cats at the shelter.
  4. Volunteers to do regular checks on the cats at the shelter.


 Thanks in advance!


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